Title : Evening World - Rock of Ages Rally  
Author :  

This souvenir issue of the Bristol Evening World of Sunday July 31st 1932 was issued for the second Rock of Ages Rally to be held on that date, the first being held on August 9th 1931.

Legend has it that The hymn "Rock of Ages" was written during a storm as Toplady (then the curate of nearby Blagdon between June 1762 and June 1764) sheltered in the cleft in the rock at Burrington Combe, a spot now popularly known as the "Rock of Ages".

There is no contemporaneous evidence for this legend and indeed the hymn was only published in March 1776, rendering the legend quite implausable. A fuller treatment of this point in any oth biographies and especially in Rev Wilkins 1938 work "An Enquiry Concerning Toplady And His Hymn "Rock of Ages" And Its Connection With Burrington Combe Somerset".







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