Further Toplady Sources

Year of Publication Title   Author
1880's? Rock of Ages- with 16 illustrations    
1885 Christian Leaders of the 18th Century   J C Ryle
1899 The Gospel Magazine, May 1899 , Our "Toplady" Number   James Ormiston
1911 The Life of Augustus M Toplady   Thomas Wright
1926 A Faggot of Torches   F. W. Boreham
1932 Evening World - Rock of Ages Rally    
1938 An Enquiry Concerning Toplady And His Mymn "Rock of Ages" And Its Connection With Burrington Combe Somerset   H. J. Wilkins
1949 Augustus Montague Toplady: A World-Famous Divine   Sydney Carter
1983 Within The Rock of Ages   George Lawton
2000 Augustus Montague Toplady - A Debtor to Mercy Alone   George M Ella
2003 An Analysis of Various Versions of A.M. Toplady's Rock of Ages, Cleft For Me (1774-2001)   Samuel J. Rogal
2009 Sheltering In The Rock: A Glimpse at Toplady and His Most Famous Hymn   J.E. North






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