Title : Good News from Heaven. Preached 19th June, 1774, at the Lock  
Author : Augustus Montague Toplady  

Here we have another fine sermon that again shows how the good news is salvation under free grace. The closing paragraph reads:

On the contrary, you, who can sincerely say, We do not come to thee, trusting in our own righteousness, but feel and confess ourselves to be unworthy of so much as gathering up the crumbs under thy table; in thee alone do we seek to be justified, and in thee alone do we glory; let such draw near with faith, and take this holy sacrament to their comfort. The Lord enable you to bring your sins, and your duties, and yourselves, and your all, to the great propitiation! May he wash us in his own blood, cloath us with his own righteousness, and seal us an holy people to himself by his Spirit! Then shall we be acceptable guests at his table below; and ripen fast, for the house of glory above: while this is all our plea, and all our song - Lord, I am not worthy to come under thy roof, nor that thou shouldest come under mine; but the Lamb that was slain is worthy; and my every particle of hope centers in him, in his covenant, in his obedience, cross, humiliation, and exaltation. For the sake of his agonies, take away my iniquities. For the sake of his righteousness, receive me graciously. And in the mantle of his imputed merit may I be found; living, dying, at
the judgment-bar, and to all eternity.







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